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goldslaw's Journal

3 April
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I've been a computer programmer most of my working life. Now I consider myself retired. (Sort of involuntary -- I lost my job, and don't see any immediate prospects. And as I near 65, I find I like spending time at home.)

I joined SF Fandom in 1964, started singing filksongs in 1965. Bought a guitar in 1973 and I have turned into a fairly good performer. My wife and I were inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in its 3rd year, we have been Interfilk guests at OVFF (Ohio Valley Filk Fest) and music guests at Boskone in 2006. I was Toastmaster at ConChord 22 in 2009.

I also served a term on the LASFS, Inc. Board of Directors and one as LASFS Treasurer. The latter is an experience I don't care to repeat.